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Marc, 33 years old

“Thank you so much, it has been three months I haven’t heard the sound of my mother’s voice”

Waleed, 15 years old

“I am finaly able to contact my family in Sudan. It could not contact them for 2 months. As a new belgium resident, I am finaly able to spot myself in the streets thanks to the GPS”

Sophie, 82 years old

“Everythings changed with the pandemic. We no longer go out, we no longer receive. I, what I miss the most is being able to hug my kind in my arms. A smartphone is good, I’ll see them more often.”

Guillaume, 20 years old

“As a homeless person, this smartphone will help me in my search for shelters, stay in touch with my social advisor, etc. This will enable me to keep in contact with society”

Naïma, 47 years old

“I can start again to call my children in video. I didn’t get a chance to do it for seven months”

Adam, 37 years old

“I miss my wife so much, I need to see her every day”

Manon, 52 years old

“This smartphone, it will help me to get in get in touch with my daughter, , to do job searches and to be digitized, to be up to date””

Vincent, 27 years old

“This phone allowed me to called for rescue when I hurted myself”

Salvatore, 27 years old

“I am a futur dad, not knowing how to read, I will use the tablet for the research function with Siri and if possible, babyphone”

Jean-Pierre, 75 years old

“I was used to go to the library. Now that I can’t walk, my digital tablet will be really useful to make my research”


In partnership with EQLA, the Fondation will propose a blind escape game based on the use of digital tools to teams of employees in companies.

This teambuilding out of commons plunges its participants into an unknown situation, that of visual impairment. They are thus pushed to adapt their communication, to develop active listening, to strengthen mutual trust and collaboration.

Lots of projets are in progress

A little patience and we’ll soon have plenty of action to show you !

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In partnership with Womenpreneur Initiative, the Fondation will launch the first edition of its training in the profession of smartphone and tablet repairer for women and by women.

The objectif is to train during 4 months, a group of women between 18 and 35 years of in Brussels to a profession of the future in this world in constant digital transformation. At the end of the training, a certificat will be issued to them by or academy.

Lots of projets are in progress

A little patience and we’ll soon have plenty of action to show you !

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